The best selling air fryer on Amazon has just had its price slashed by 46%

Air fryers are quickly becoming the most coveted household appliance, with devotees passionately spreading the word about how life-changing they are. The Tower T17021 Manual Air Fryer Oven is the best selling air fryer on Amazon, amassing nearly 6,000 glowing 5-star reviews.

Using innovative Vortx technology, the nifty device can produce rapid air circulation that creates crispier textures in record time on a wide array of food, including vegetables, meat, chips, and baked goods. Fried food has an (often warranted) reputation of being fatty and high-calorie, but the beauty of air fryers is you’re not using oil to cook so you’re making food with 99 percent less fat than deep fryers.

If you’re someone with a busy life who likes to get on with things while the food is cooking, you’ll love the built-in timer in this machine. The 60-minute timer lets you schedule the fryer’s cooking cycle so you can ensure your food is prepared as quickly as possible after a long day at work – which is especially handy if you’re also cooking for hungry children.

One reviewer who was finding cooking during the week tricky loved how much time she was saving with the air fryer, saying they “bought this to make cooking quick and easy”. She said: “It is perfect for items that need doing in a hurry. It saves time and effort. Put in a combination of foods that need frying and get them done easily. No oil or grease required and quick to clean with little mess. No oven or trays to clean just the basket and holder bucket. It is used very often during the working week.”

Although this machine is called an air fryer, it actually has multiple cooking options and you are far from limited to just frying. When you’re not in the mood for fried food you can switch it to grill, bake, or roast, so you’ll never get sick of the wide array of meals you can create.

This reviewer has made the most of these cooking options, saying: “I absolutely love this! So far I have cooked sausages, pork chops, chips, chicken wings, lamb kebabs, and chicken strips in this and all came out perfect! I also love that you can use it to heat croissants and rolls, pasties and sausage rolls – it saves me from having to preheat my oven and waste energy cooking small amounts.”

If you’re worried that after you buy an air fryer you’ll also become one of those people who can’t stop talking about them – this fear might be warranted. One user said in their review: “This is my first Air Fryer, some friends were raving about them so I thought I’d give one a go. Now I’m one of the people raving about them.”

If you’re interested in taking the plunge and investing in an air fryer, this bestseller is a great place to start – especially considering the huge discount. You can buy the Tower T17021 Manual Air Fryer by clicking here.