'Off-the-charts incredible' Kate Middleton wears pink to keep her promise to a little girl

Royal journalist Rebecca English tweeted: “Kate in her pink Me and Em dress, keeping her promise to dress like a Princess when she met Mila for the first time today.” The little girl wanted to meet a princess in a pink dress, and the Duchess of Cambridge obliged.

Mila is one of the people whose pictures were chosen for Kate’s Hold Still photography project.

The little girl has been ill with leukemia and was separated from her father when the family took the difficult decision to shield Mila due to treatments.

Kate spoke to Mila on the phone and at the time the royal apologised for her attire.

Mila asked: “Do you have a costume?”

Earlier in the day Kate wore a £200 sweater and trainers in Edinburgh. 

The Ralph Lauren Cable-Knit Cricket Sweater featured a ribbed V-neck with two contrast stripes and rising around the sleeves and bottom of the jumper.

This also isn’t the first time the Duchess has worn the jumper, with her first wearing it back in 2019 while on a royal visit in Northern Ireland.

She played sports with children in the appropriate ensemble.

source: express.co.uk