Sony Aims for PS5 to Become its Biggest-Ever Platform & PS4 to Have The Longest-Ever Tail

neutralgamer199219m ago

Keep it going this is my 5th PlayStation and haven’t been disappointed so far. Only thing I really wish for is some sort of BC for ps3 games because to me that’s when Sony as a underdog went to work and really showed it’s quality and grit

And by end of this generation I would love if few of the Japanese publishers were acquired (Square enix, Capcom and Sega(2 out of these 3 would work) I know this may not be a popular opinion but that’s just the way I feel long term investment wise Sony needs PlayStation to do well for them as a company to do well and acquiring these will go towards helping them dominate. Invest some money in acquisitions grow the internal studios

Housemarque and bluepoint should have been done by now(HM almost went out of Business before getting the opportunity to work on AAA game)

Make PlayStation stronger