Lady Gaga's Dog Walker Ryan Fischer Details the "Hardest Part" of Recovering From Shooting

Ryan Fischer is giving an update about his ongoing health journey, three months after he was shot while walking three of Lady Gaga‘s French bulldogs.

The pop star’s dog walker took to Instagram on Monday, May 24 to share a photo of himself sitting on the beach in a long-sleeved shirt and jeans while putting his bare feet in the sand and looking up toward the sky. 

He began his caption with a series of questions he says he gets from various people who have heard about the attack that took place Feb. 24 and required him to undergo multiple surgeries to repair a collapsed lung. On April 29, the Los Angeles Police Department announced that five individuals had been arrested for their alleged role in the dognapping case, with each suspect pleading not guilty to the charges.

“‘You’re Ryan! You got shot. You were shot! Where were you shot? Where’d they shoot you?'” Ryan wrote in his new post. “Over the past few weeks, after charges were announced and leveled against those who stole the boys and attempted to murder me, I continue to find myself on the receiving end of several conversations like this. With no arrow drawn to my wounds and no sign that reads, ‘I’m Ryan! I was shot,’ people still come up to me on my morning walks to let me know that I, in fact, had been shot. And that my given name continues to be Ryan.”