On the Beach removes all summer holidays from sale – green list 'uncertainty'

Mr Cooper added: “Unlike many of our competitors, we have no interest in selling holidays that are unlikely to happen, as our business model enables us to put customers first, rather than needing to get cash in the door to contribute to high fixed costs, and offering refunds in the form of a voucher when holidays get cancelled.

Customers with existing bookings should contact On the Beach for the latest update on their specific journey and to find out the options available to them.

“This is a temporary measure that we will review in line with the next Government announcement,” said Mr Cooper.

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“In the meantime, we will focus our efforts on helping and advising our customers who already have bookings of their options to either still go on their holiday, amend their holiday or, where the holiday is cancelled, refunding them in cash within 14 days.”

source: express.co.uk