Xbox 360 Emulation Is Coming Along Nicely

It was only a few months ago that we were taking a look at positive steps Xbox emulation has been making on the PC, but boy, Xbox 360 emulation is also looking very good in 2021.

As this excellent walkthrough video by Modern Vintage Gamer explains, some recent breakthroughs for the Xenia emulator have a whole lot of Xbox 360 games running in presentable states on the PC, from the big (Red Dead, Halo Reach) to the not-so-big.

What’s more, you can now try and run them at 4K if you’d like, though expect performance hits for this. For examples of all this you should definitely check out the video below, because at 12 minutes long it doesn’t just show the quality of emulation and improvements made, but actually explains how the performance jumps have been made.