Coronavirus live news: UK-donated ventilators and oxygen supplies arrive in India

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7.59am BST

Back in January, the Greek government said it would prioritise immunity on smaller islands, promising they would be fully vaccinated by the end of April.

To that end, jabs are being distributed to inhabitants of dozens of islands in the Aegean sea to the east and the Ionian sea to the west, where municipalities are hungry to reopen fully to tourists next month. Agence France-Presse reporters have been in Elafonisos to see how the plan is taking shape.

7.39am BST

Public health experts have pleaded with Australia’s political leaders to find an urgent fix to the problems with hotel quarantine, while the Western Australian government calls on the commonwealth to repurpose immigration detention facilities and airbases.

The outbreak in Western Australia has again prompted frustration over the continued problems with transmission in hotel quarantine and the reluctance of the main federal advisory group, the Infection Control Expert Group, to better acknowledge the significance of airborne transmission in spreading Covid-19.

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