Regional humor and singing robots, together at last in a point-and-click adventure

Powerfully English point-and-click adventure Yorkshire Gubbins was first released in late 2017. In her review, Jay Castello said, “Despite being set in a world with slug-people, vampires who run trophy shops, and runaway robots, Yorkshire Gubbins depicts a familiar version of The North. If you’re not up to date on your English regional politics, there’s a stark North-South divide, and we make jokes about it to hide the very real underlying socioeconomic disparities.”

At the time, Yorkshire Gubbins contained a central episode called Humble Pie, in which kleptomaniac protagonist Steggy sets out on a quest to win a pie competition after retrieving her “special meat”, as well as a bonus prequel, and a tutorial episode called Verb School. With a promise of future episodes on the way for free, we settled down to wait.