Our highest review scores of the past 10 years

Since its first issue in the early ’90s, PC Gamer has scored games on a scale of 1-to-100. You can safely accuse us of not using that whole scale: After nearly 30 years, we’ve never scored a game higher than 98% (Alpha Centauri, Half-Life 2, and Crysis). Clearly, the first PC Gamer 99% will have to be a life-changing game. And 100%? I think we’d have to adjust the score graphic to fit three numbers.

For us, though, games in 80% range are brilliant—at least in moments—and even games in the 60s are recommendations with caveats. In this list, I’ve only included games we scored 88% or higher over the past 10 years, which means we had exceptionally strong feelings about them. Many are games we consider important to PC gaming as a whole, especially those in the 90%-and-up range. 

source: gamezpot.com