The Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap is a total gamechanger

I’m a fair-weather VR fan. I jump in, enjoy my brief time throwing shapes in my living room, and then I get out before I really have to commit—that is not an analogy for my personal relationships, thank you very much. While I feel there’s a part of me willing to stick around in VR for longer, it’s usually the lack of anything close to comfort with my choice of VR headset, the Oculus Quest 2, that sees me retire early.

I find myself adjusting the fabric strap included with the Quest 2 often, a major immersion breaker if ever there was one. For brief stints and stationary gaming the standard strap is decent enough, but it isn’t quite up to the task of jumping around in Beat Saber or spending over any considerable length of time in VR. I find it puts a lot of weight on the front of my face—unsurprising really, considering its fabric design—and that means when I find just that perfect spot over my eyes and pull it taught around my head, after roughly half an hour the mask pressure starts to get the better of me.