Resident Evil Village has you murdering creatures to make delectable meals

Resident Evil Village has animals you can slaughter, which is a first for the series. In the video above, courtesy of Game Informer, you can see Ethan Winters shooting fish, pigs, a billy goat and chickens with a pistol. In a horror game where ammunition is scarce you’d think Ethan would, I dunno, pick the chickens up and twist their necks, or at least melee punch them to death. But no, he pumps that poultry full of lead.

As the video explains, once you’ve slain the beasts and extracted their meat you can take it to The Duke’s Kitchen, where the duke himself will prepare meals offering permanent buffs and perks. For example, if you gather the right ingredients for the Bird and Beast Pilaf, and then eat it, you’ll get a permanent reduction in damage when guarding.