Recipe: Queen’s chef shares trick to make crispy roast potatoes with extra crunch

Roast potatoes are a part of a traditional roast dinner along with vegetables and Yorkshire puddings. With Easter coming up this weekend, a chef has shared how to get flavoursome and crispy roasties – and he’s cooked for the Queen.

“To store, put your potatoes in a cool and dark place that is approximately 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to check your potatoes whilst they are being stored, as they may become soft and shrivelled and will, therefore, need to be thrown away.”

There are many different potatoes on supermarket shelves these days but according to the expert there are perfect ones for roasting

He said: “By choosing the best potato for the job you can ensure that you will get the gorgeous crispy edges and fluffy middle that we all dream of. 

“I would recommend King Edwards or Maris Pipers. However, your standard white potatoes will also work, you just may need to give them a good shake in a sieve after par-boiling to fluff them up.”

Although Britons will be having a smaller gathering to those in previous years, potato lovers need to make sure that they are using a dish big enough to give them space.

The royal chef explained: “If you’re making more than usual, several trays are recommended instead of forcing them all on one tray. 

“This is because the potatoes need the space to crisp up in the oil or you run the risk of them becoming soggy as they sit in the oil. 

“So make sure that you grab an extra roasting tray or two so that all your hard work does not go to waste!”

How long to cook the roast potatoes for all depends on how you like to eat them.

Those who like extra crispy roasts should cook them for longer but the expert recommends cooking them for at least 30 minutes.

He said: “I would recommend at least 30 minutes at 200 degrees whilst checking every 10-15 minutes and giving them a shake to increase the crispiness.

“If you are still unsure after the 30 minutes, take a potato out and give it a try. Not only can you check whether they are ready but you get first dibs on the crispiest roasties.”