Peter Gallagher's Daughter Reveals What It's Really Like to Have The O.C.'s Sandy Cohen as a Dad

Kathryn Gallagher hit the parental jackpot. While most of us only imagined what it would be like to have The O.C.‘s Sandy Cohen as our dad, she gets him in real life.

So, is it everything we imagined it would be? On Tuesday, March 30, Kathryn revealed on TikTok what it’s really like to have Peter Gallagher, the actor behind Sandy, as her father.

“So, one question I always get is, ‘What’s it like having Sandy Cohen as a dad?’ ‘Is he really like that in real life?'” the 27-year-old singer said on the app. “He’s just my dad,” she shared, suggesting he’s a normal guy at home.

Peter then popped up behind her, holding out a plate with a creamy bagel. “Hey, hey, Kathryn! I schmeared it for you,” he said with genuine pride, referring to one of Sandy’s best lines. 

Kathryn’s eyes widened as she tried not to laugh at the joke. She captioned the clip, “good to be home.”