A Larger Canvas for Your Easter Egg

Duck eggs, larger than hen eggs and containing bigger, deep golden yolks and a larger proportion of protein-rich whites, are sold at some farmers’ markets. Now Utopihen Farms has started selling the duck eggs nationally, raised on a group of small family farms with a home base in New Holland, Pa. Their duck (and chicken) eggs are from birds that forage in fields, and are given the title “pasture-raised.” The richness and size of the eggs are what make them so excellent scrambled, fried, poached, in omelets or however you like them. For baking you’ll need to adjust a recipe: The general rule is two duck eggs for three large chicken eggs. And for coloring and decorating for Easter, the eggs provide a larger canvas for your artwork, and they have thicker shells, too.

Utopihen Farms, $4 to $5 for six in some stores in the Eastern United States, $45 including shipping for two dozen from utopihenfarms.com.

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source: nytimes.com