Interior tips: Dulux shares ingenious furniture upcycling hack for your leftover paint

Most homeowners think upcycling and DIY projects take hours to complete. But some of the most stylish trends currently taking the interior design world by storm are quick jobs that can be completed within a day. Old tins of paint with small dribs and drabs of paint left in them can be a real nuisance.

Firstly, you need to sand your chair all over with fine-finishing sandpaper.

Make sure to wipe away dust with a damp cloth.

Next, prime your chair with a single coat of wood primer.

Then, apply two coats of leftover paint in your chosen colour to the entire chair.

Paint on your second colour and let the first coat dry before applying another.

Remove the masking tape to reveal your finished look.

You can also choose to dip the top of a chair and leave the bottom completely colour free for a more striking look.

Another tip is to make sure the dip lines aren’t the same height.

This will give it a more “ombre” effect.