PlayStation Could Learn A Lot From The Xbox 360 Titles On Game Pass

Shiken7h ago(Edited 6h ago)

The streaming services suck on both platforms. I have a gig internet connection, and still get input lag in PSNow.

I would rather have newer and more relevant games downloadable and played natively (PSNow does not have more downloadable games than gamepass and are often older and obscure), select new games available day 1 from 3rd parties (like CrossfireX, The Medium, and Outriders), ALL first party games available day 1 as the generation goes on, 20% discounts for games I decide to buy, performance boosts for the older games available, GOLD included, etc.

Do not get me wrong, PSNow does have some good games. The service is not trash (outside of streaming). But it is not even close to what gamepass offers.