Katy Perry Hints at a Possible Taylor Swift Collaboration and We're Ready to Pre-Order

If you ask us, there’s a new dark horse candidate for Record of the Year at the 2022 Grammys. In other words, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift should start preparing their acceptance speeches now. 

Indeed, American Idol viewers were in for the tease of a lifetime during the Hollywood Week duets episode on Monday, March 22. This came after contestants Camille Lamb and Althea Grace put their differences aside to nail their performance of the Lesley Gore standard “You Don’t Own Me.”

Earlier in the episode, Camille and Althea were clearly at odds with one another and struggled to get along, with Althea telling the camera, “Both of us feel this weird tension.” 

Finally, Katy had to step in and offer a pep talk to the pair. “You guys are both on the same team,” the 36-year-old “Dark Horse” singer told them. “Don’t forget about that.”

Ultimately, it all paid off, as Camille and Althea both earned a spot in the next round. Evidently, their success made Katy feel so energized that she started thinking about how this putting-differences-aside mindset could impact her own life. 

source: eonline.com