Model and OnlyFans star ‘desperate’ for lockdown to end so she can resume active sex life

Playboy and World Cup model Maria Liman has proclaimed that she simply can’t wait for the Covid-19 lockdown to end so that she can finally get back into the saddle with men and have sex, The Sun reports.

The brunette Playboy model, 26, became an internet sensation during the 2018 tournament as she cheered for her native Russia — only to find her sexuality put back in a bottle during the lockdowns of the past 12 months.

The London resident has commisserated about the indignities of pandemic life with her more than 1 million Instagram followers.

During the first lockdown a year ago, the Playboy model took to Instagram to make a plea for a sex partner with whom to cohabitate.

But she is still without male company.

Russia 2018 World Cup and Playboy model Maria Liman DESPERATE for UK Covid lockdown to end so she can hook up with men

“During quarantine, I am not able to meet men or go on dates,” the Playboy model lamented about how the lockdown has affected her sex life.

“I also want to go shopping, I need new dresses, and I’ve already forgotten how to walk in heels.”

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The Playboy model shared with her fans just how much FOMO she’s been experiencing during lockdown, saying, “I was in Dubai for my birthday and I could not believe that there are still countries that largely remained open.”

NewsBreak reacted to Liman’s plea for a partner by exclaiming, “Omo o lo mo lol!”

World Cup model Maria Liman has made a stunning plea to her Instagram followers for a partner to isolate with during the coronavirus outbreak. Liman became one of the internet’s favourite fans during the 2018 tournament as she cheered her native Russia on into the latter stages.

Russia World Cup and Playboy model Maria Liman begs for man to quarantine with

The Daily Star reports that the sex-starved Playboy model moved to London in 2019, just in time to be subjected to the UK’s various lockdowns.

She has dealt with isolation by pouring her passions into her OnlyFans account. 

Liman, who has also modeled for Playboy, has accumulated 4,100 likes for the sexually playful content she’s contributed to OnlyFans during lockdown. 

The Daily Telegraph reports that when Liman issued her call for a man to keep her company during lockdown, she said: “I am looking for an adorable partner, who is not sick with the coronavirus, to spend the next three months isolated and have fun while in quarantine.”

In another post, she called out for a “brave, handsome man” to rescue her from the outbreak. She wrote: “The sleeping beauty is waiting for her prince in custody. Where is this brave handsome man who will defeat the virus and save me?

Russia 2018 World Cup and Playboy model Maria Liman begs for man to spend three months in quarantine with her