Bethenny Frankel Reveals Her Dream Podcast Guests While Promoting New TV Series: It’s ‘Next Level’

The ‘Just B With Bethenny’ podcast host is heading back to TV this springtime. She’s opening concerning why this will certainly be a various fact program trip than previously in an UNIQUE new meeting!

Fans were disturbed when Bethenny Frankel, 50, revealed she was made with The Real Housewives ofNew York City Ot ends up she had huge strategies in mind: this April, she’ll be back for her latest job The Big Shot With Bethenny all while running her Skinnygirl realm and also organizing a new podcast. “It’s a show that’s never been done before,” Bethenny informed HollywoodLife SPECIFICALLY onFeb 18 while reviewing her bstrong campaign’s operate inTexas “It is amazing. It’s really — it’s revealing so I’m slightly nervous because it’s revealing a different part of me.”

The new program is a cross in between a number of various fact reveals she’s gotten on previously– as followers might remember she showed up on Martha Stewart’s variation of The Apprentice back in 2005. “It’s sort of like my reality show meets The Apprentice meets my reality show all wrapped up in one,” Bethenny disclosed. “It’s a modern, way more realistic, next level Apprentice. It’s pretty good but it’s very different.”

And like among her most renowned Bravo lines ever before, she’s not worried to keep back her sensations and also discuss all of it. “I’m a serious business woman and I don’t suffer fools,” Bethenny included. “I am tough. If I said I wasn’t, I’d be lying and you’ll see it on the show. That horse has left the barn.”

While the program has actually currently covered, an additional job she’s concentrating on is her podcast which appeared in the loss of 2020. With a wide range of names like Hilary Clinton, Maria Sharpova and also Tamron Hall in guides, she has her views established on some quite heavyweights for 2021. “I would like to have on Tom Brady,” Bethenny claimed. “And Serena Williams and Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods in the sports space. Shaq [O’Neal], who I’ve met before. He’d be humorous. Tech space, I’d love to have Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey. I’d like to have Whitney [Wolfe Herd] from Bumble. I would like to have Warren Buffet. I’d love to have Jeff Bezos on. Shonda Rimes would be amazing,” Bethenny splashed to HL.

She also has a couple of points she’s taped up her sleeve that she’s waiting to launch, consisting of an episode with partner Paul Bernon, 43. “Paul and I actually recorded something about people that I think are HBIC,” Bethenny included, referencing the preferred phrase for head b— accountable. “I did this whole thing on, I talk about HBICs. You can be super successful, super rich, but not be an HBIC. I think the ultimate HBIC domestically would be Anna Wintour. Paul and I were talking about this whole thing and we ended up recording it on the podcast because I had the equipment and we were doing it at my house. We thought about airing it for Valentine’s Day, but we ultimately — he’s very private, so we decided not to. So it’s sitting there. Maybe one day we will. It’s banked,” she claimed.