World of Warcraft might one day let Alliance and Horde players raid and do dungeons together

The bitter war between World of Warcraft’s two major factions, the Alliance and the Horde, has been a fundamental part of the MMO since, well, forever. Not only is it fuel for player-versus-player battles—either in the open world or in competitive Battlegrounds or Arenas—Horde and Alliance players often experience a very different side of Azeroth. They have different zones, quests, and stories, and interactions between the two are usually limited to emoting and killing one another.

That may not always be the case. During a World of Warcraft Q&A panel as part of BlizzCon 2021, game director Ion Hazzikostas said that, while preserving the rivalry between the two sides is a crucial ingredient in WoW’s appeal, concessions could one day be made to let players from different factions do cooperative group activities together like raids or Mythic+ dungeons.