Australia news live: Victoria records three new Covid cases; PM refuses to give in to Facebook news ban

Yes. So we’re not changing the time frame at all. And, yes, this is the largest mass immunisation program we’ve ever had in Australia. But Australia, of course, has been doing incredibly well at so many levels throughout this pandemic, and we do expect to be able to roll out the vaccine.

As you know, we’ll be rolling it out initially through hubs which have been set up by the states and territories to vaccinate those initial frontline workers in healthcare, quarantine and the borders. But we will be using our extensive network in Australia of places where people normally get vaccines – our general practices, our pharmacies.

And, of course, in addition, we have this flying squad of 500 nurse immunisers who will be travelling right across the country, delivering the vaccine to residents and staff of aged care facilities and disability facilities. So, huge logistics behind us but we have a very tried and tested system for immunising our population, and that’s what we’re utilising.”