A Place In The Sun’s Laura denies being pushy mum as daughter, 5, accepted by ‘top agent'

A Place In The Sun presenter Laura Hamilton, 38, caught up with her friend La Voix in an Instagram Live, where she excitedly revealed her five-year-old daughter was now being represented by a “top agent” based in London. The property expert submitted an audition tape for Tahlia, who had to learn a poem, sing Happy Birthday as well as the song Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Laura shared the good news as La Voix revealed tickets were now on sale for a theatre show she is a part of.

Excited by the news, the host replied: “The theatre is one of the things that I really miss, obviously I miss being able to hug my parents and other people and friends and all the rest of it, but I really miss going to the theatre, I just love the stage.

“And also, this is really exciting, I totally forgot to tell you, so Tahlia goes to a little theatre group…

“They said to me a while ago, ‘You know what? Tahlia should audition for… there’ s a London representative as well as we believe Tahlia would certainly be wonderful for it’.”

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Laura took place to state her little girl likes “singing, dancing and performing” as well as urged she had not been an aggressive mum.

“I’d say, ‘Go on Tahlia have a sing song, because I know she loves it, I’m not one of these pushy mums who are like, ‘Come on audition’.”

The mother-of-two included she was unclear concerning placing Tahlia onward for the tryout in the beginning however later sent an eleventh hour tape.

“I was the last mum to submit the audition tape,” she disclosed.

The A Place In The Sun celebrity shares her little girl as well as child Rocco, 6, with her spouse Alex Goward, that she wed in 2012.

She routinely offers followers an understanding right into her domesticity on social networks.

Earlier this month, she shared images of her, Alex as well as their kids appreciating time with each other in a jacuzzi.

In January, the speaker additionally shared video clips of “tough” homeschooling as institutions stayed close.

Speaking toExpress co.uk in 2015, Laura claimed she does not believe they will certainly have anymore kids.

She claimed: “I think two is enough, they’re so close in age, though Rocco would always say to me, ‘I want a brother, can you have a boy?’

“I did say to Rocco, ‘If we did have a baby and had a boy, it would be a big age gap’.

“‘You’d be 10 when he’s five and you wouldn’t want to play with a five-year-old’.

“He’s like, ‘I would, I’ll look after him’.”

The residential or commercial property professional included she was “really grateful” to have her 2 kids close with each other, specifically because of lockdown.