Crystals for love: The eight crystals you need to attract love

Crystals have been used to protect and heal for thousands of years. The oldest recorded amulets are made of Baltic amber and are 30,000 years old, while sacred Hindu texts that date back 5,000 years document the healing properties of crystals. If your love life could do with some enhancing, why not give crystal healing a try? chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to find out which crystals will attract love.

Whether you’re completely single or in a long-standing committed relationship, you could benefit from a bit of crystal healing.

No relationship is perfect and even if you’re bursting with joy when it comes to your love life, your chakras may be slightly blocked.

Bex explained: “We use gemstones and crystals to help realign and harmonise the frequency of our chakras – a system of energetic ‘wheels’ that regulate the flow of the body’s life-force and ensure we are physically, mentally and emotionally balanced. And of course, matters of the heart always involve emotions!

“Crystals – especially green and pink gemstones – help to heal our Heart Chakra.

“Each chakra point in our body is associated with a different organ, colour and set of emotions. The Heart Chakra is our realm of compassion, acceptance, empathy, heartache and love in all its forms.

“This includes our ability to love others, to love ourselves, and to allow other people to love us.”

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Crystals for love:

Crystals for love: Crystals can unblock your heart chakras (Image: Getty)

Crystals for love:

Crystals for love: The Heart Chakra vibrates at the same frequency as the colour green (Image: Getty)

Pink and green gemstones will unclog your Heart Chakra and help you to radiate love and attract the relationship you want.

Bex said: “The Heart Chakra vibrates at the same frequency as the colour green, so to balance our heart chakra and help us heal we generally use green crystals.

“Pink is the colour of higher love – when we feel a burst of compassion or self-love then our aura glows a soft pink colour.

“So to bring in self-love and self-acceptance we tend to use pink crystals.”

Bex has recommended eight love-attracting crystals to get hold of as we approach Valentine’s Day.

Crystals for love:

Crystals for love: Bex has recommended 8 stones for love (Image: Getty)

For attracting love

Rose Quartz is the best stone to clutch if you want to attract love.

Bex said: “There’s the saying that we can’t love others until we love ourselves, and this certainly rings true when we think of our energetic forcefield.

“When we emit vibrations of love, compassion and acceptance, then we attract them back to us.

“This is why Rose Quartz is such a powerful stone when we want to find our soulmate.”

Rose Quartz is known as the ‘stone of unconditional love’, and why wouldn’t you want that?

Bex added: “Rose Quartz encourages us to first reach a connection with the limitless, divine love within ourselves.

“As a result, it is effective in attracting new romances – keep a piece in your pocket or next to your nightstand to help raise your loving vibration.

“Rose Quartz also helps to cultivate intimacy in partnerships, encouraging us to let our guard down and become vulnerable from a place of power.”

Kambaba Jasper will do pretty much the same thing, Bex said: “It’s another wonderful aid in the quest for self-love.

“This mesmerising stone, with its swirls of exotic green and inky black, is also known as ‘Crocodile Rock’.

“Far from making you snappy, Kambaba Jasper helps to open up the Heart Chakra, allowing the energies to return to a balanced state so we can love ourselves, love others, and believe that we are worthy of love.

“If you have been stung by rejection or have deep-seated wounds relating to abandonment, then this stone helps nurture you back to strength.

“For any hearts that feel frozen by pain or mistrust, then Kambaba Jasper radiates the warm glow needed to thaw that glittering coating of ice.”

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Crystals for love:

Crystals for love: Tiger’s Eye and Rose Quartz will fill you with confidence and compassion (Image: Getty)

For a first date

Serial daters are probably struggling at the moment, with the pandemic binding us to our homes and forbidding intimate dates.

Bex said: “Whether you’re a Hinge pro or are just dipping your toe into the (sometimes murky!) waters of online dating, then there’s no denying the two things we all want on a first date – confidence and a bit of luck!

“For the latter, you can do no better than Green Aventurine. Known as the ‘Stone of Opportunity’, this little beauty is one of the luckiest gemstones out there.

“For this reason, it’s thought to bring about abundance and good fortune, whether that’s in sporting competitions, job opportunities and yes – first dates!

“It will give you a sprinkle of serendipity so you can leave the lucky rabbit’s foot at home.”

Tiger’s Eye is another stone that will boost your self-esteem and make you a dreamy companion on a socially-distanced stroll.

Bex said: “Gleaming with the lustre of the magnificent big cat’s striped coat, this stone empowers us and elevates our mood with its hues of rich amber and chocolate brown.

“It raises our vibration towards optimism, enthusiasm and cheerfulness – qualities that are irresistible on a date. Go get ‘em, tiger!”

Crystals for love:

Crystals for love: Green Aventurine is the best stone for a first date (Image: Getty)

For heartbreak

Valentine’s Day is a matter of days away, and some of us might be feeling more alone than ever.

If you have split up with your partner recently, you could do with some crystal healing in the form of a Pink Tourmaline.

Bex said: “We’ve all been there. The pit in the stomach, the feeling of being on the verge of tears, and uncertainty for the future.

“Heartbreak hits us all at some point in life and yet there’s rarely anything anyone can say to make us feel better about the fact we’re experiencing it!

“If you want a crystal that is going to help you balance your emotions and align the Heart chakra, then Pink Tourmaline is the beautiful healing stone to have by your side.

“When you feel there’s just no point in… well, anything, Pink Tourmaline not only comforts you but also raises your vibration so that, slowly but surely, you notice and appreciate the wonders that life has to offer.”

Just like Lepidolite, it is also high in lithium, which is used in anti-anxiety medicine.

This means that Pink Tourmaline can help “stabilise feelings of depression and stress”.

For promoting healthy relationships

Even the happiest couples may feel as if their relationship is doomed after months of no physical contact due to the pandemic, but the Unakite stone is here to give you a boost.

Bex said: “Unakite is an unusual stone in that it is pink and green – therefore working to both heal the heart chakra while also encouraging compassion and empathy.

“This pairing makes it particularly good for supporting harmonious partnerships. It helps us approach our relationships with a balanced perspective, and it’s calming vibrations bring us the ability to have patience and understanding.”

Another useful stone to consider in your relationship toolkit is Jade, Bex said.

She explained: “This glorious green stone has been used by humans for over 6,000 years, and has long been valued for its powers of healing and protection.

“It is thought to encourage fidelity and strengthens trust in relationships. If you’re in a new relationship, then it supports an understanding of one another so you can move forward with your dreams as a team!”

Crystals for love:

Crystals for love: Unakite is pink and green (Image: Getty)

Crystals for love:

Crystals for love: Rhodonite will give you a warm hug as you deal with unrequited love (Image: Getty)

For unrequited Love

Sometimes the person you’re crushing on doesn’t feel the same way, and that’s a hard pill to swallow.

Bex recommends Rhodonite for this situation because it will help to keep your mind off the rejection.

She said: “There are few things as torturously painful as adoring someone but knowing that they don’t feel the same way.

“Whether you’ve been ‘friend-zoned’ or are simply admiring your crush from afar, your mind is probably consumed by thoughts of them and concentrating is not the easiest thing right now. Rhodonite is an excellent stone for moving past the pain of unrequited love.

“It also helps us regain our personal power, reminding us we don’t need to rely on the approval of others to feel worthy!”

You should also keep a piece of Red Jasper nearby because it is a Root Chakra stone that will keep your thoughts and emotions grounded and make you feel safe and nurtured without the approval of another person.