Dan Walker makes excuse to 'avoid' BBC Breakfast after latest show suggestion backfires

Dan Walker, 43, was taken aback after it appeared his hilarious suggestion for his BBC Breakfast colleagues might actually happen, so much so that he tried to get out of Monday’s show. The idea surfaced last week, after Dan propositioned the on-air team about doing a dance to the admittedly rather catchy BBC News soundtrack, which left weather presenter Carol Kirkwood alarmed.

The host had come across a TikTok which saw three dancers perform a routine to the music, and Dan believed it’d be a great opportunity for the morning team to follow suit and create their own version to give viewers a little pick-me-up to start the week off right.

After fans begged them to do it, it looks like it might actually happen much to Dan’s horror.

The flagship show producer Richard Frediani shared the video to his own Twitter account and teased the upcoming BBC Breakfast routine.

“Will @louiseminchin, @mrdanwalker, @NinaWarhurst, @sallynugent [email protected] give it a go on Monday ….?” he queried.

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“Come on Dan… you know you want to. You suggested it anyway,” a third giggled.

A fourth joked: “You’ve been secretly practicing all weekend and are ready to go!”

Others were more concerned how exhausted the presenter would be after covering this year’s Super Bowl, which began at 11:30pm yesterday and finished at 3am this morning.

“You’re surely not doing the game which will end at 3am – isn’t that when your alarm goes off?!” one seemed alarmed.

source: express.co.uk