UK Covid live: Wales tightens measures for shops and workplaces; PM's plans for school testing in disarray

We will be using all the Oxford vaccine that we get as we get it, the Pfizer vaccine has to last us until into the first week of February.

So we have to provide it on a week-by-week basis. What you can’t do is to try and stand up a system which uses all the vaccine you’ve got in week one and then have nothing to offer for the next four weeks.

We won’t get another delivery of the Pfizer vaccine until the very end of January or maybe the beginning of February, so that 250,000 doses has got to last us six weeks.

That’s why you haven’t seen it all used in week one, because we’ve got to space it out over the weeks that it’s got to cover.

We are expecting a significant upswing in the Oxford vaccine coming to Wales next week and we will use all of that because it is a much easier vaccine to use, it can be used in GP practices and so on.

We will continue to use the Pfizer vaccine in a way that will mean that we will use it all before we get the next delivery.