New Moon spiritual meaning: What does the New Moon tonight mean for you?

The consensus among astrologers is the year will only properly arrive with the advent of the New Moon. This auspicious event coincides with the Sun making its first appearance of the year in Saturn-ruled star sign Capricorn.

Despite the fact this period is connected with persevering one’s goals, January 2021 New Moon’s spiritual meaning is commonly considered to involve autonomy.

This, of course, could not be more aligned with the ingenious energies stemming from Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius, so avoid taking even a moment for granted.

Wednesday, January 13, finds this important lunar event occurring at exactly 23 degrees in Capricorn.

This is believed to bring forth new beginnings relating to career, professional structure and the soul’s contribution to existence.

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But when viewed from an astrological angle, this finds the Moon collaborating with our solar system’s star, in the exact same degree of a particular zodiac sign.

And, as already mentioned, the January 13 New Moon, in this case, arrives in Capricorn.

Finally, as well as increasing its general potency, Wednesday’s New Moon is a potent symbol of the unconscious mind responsible for intuition, the inner world and the emotions.

The Sun is, therefore, best viewed as your ego, physical identity, divine light and your soul’s purpose.


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