A Discovery of Witches cast: Who plays Matthew Clairmont? Meet The Crown actor

A Discovery of Witches has returned for series two, more than two years on after the first season came out. So who is portraying the charming ancient vampire in the Sky One fantasy romance? Here’s everything you need to know about the man who plays Matthew Clairmont.

During season one of A Discovery of Witches, Clairmont met with historian and witch Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) who tried to escape from who she really is.

Clairmont grows increasingly concerned at the decline of vampires, witches and demons in the supernatural world and starts to form an alliance with Diana, despite their species traditionally acting as enemies.

But as time goes on, Clairmont and Diana’s friendship turns to romance and he decides to flee with her to 16th century London.

This is where season two of A Discovery of Witches picks up from, which started on Sky One yesterday, Friday, January 8.

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A Discovery of Witches’ second series has started two years after the first season came out.

This series will be made up of eight episodes in total which means the finale will air on Friday, February 26.

Thankfully though, this won’t be the end of the fantasy romance as it will return for a third season.

Sky One commissioned series three at the same time as the latest season but it is not clear when it will begin.

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