Game of the Year: #1 – The Last of Us: Part II

RauLeCreuset0m ago

@Sull, mgszelda1, & Gamer

Sully, Gamer and I have danced this dance, commenting until both of us exhausted our comment limit, as you can see on this thread:… Why did I bother? To have it on record for moments like this.

“The first game was definitely more well loved compared to the split on this sequel.”

I, too, would like to know what you’re basing that on. Please don’t mistake the vocality of its critics for lack of love. As I pointed out to gamer, detractors may like to point to the review bombed Metacritic user reviews, but it still has more positive user reviews than negative and mixed combined, and it has at least 691% more positive user reviews than the original, all scores of 80 or more.

“Oh absolutely, it’s amazing how many played through the game and didn’t like it compared to the previous, of course more people finished this game sequels have the gift from their predecessors of increased audience and exposures, it should have just ended there and started a brand new game.”

To Sully’s point, how many is that? You love pulling claims out of thin air (to put it nicely) about this game. You can surely give a more concrete figure and a source, seeing how “amazing” it is. Last time it was “podcasts I listened to” and Metacritic user reviews, which do not filter for people that played the game, let alone completed it. I do believe even you acknowledged some had simply read about it.