Michael Schumacher health: Friend's heartbreaking plea to 'just hug' F1 star

Schumacher’s health is a major concern for those closest to the Formula 1 legend, following a severe brain injury he sustained during the accident in the Swiss Alps seven years ago today. Updates on his health during that period have been sparse, and the seven-time world champion has not been seen in public since. Only doctors and friends have given any insight into his condition, with many explaining he will “battle on” despite the injury.

Fisichella, a fellow former F1 racer, explained how difficult the impact of his friend and old rival’s health had had on him during a heartbreaking confession.

He admitted that “nothing is known” about how Schumacher really is as the family “do not let us know anything about him”.

The Italian, 47, described the German as an “incredible opponent” who “wrote the history of Formula 1”.

But when asked what he would do if he was allowed to meet Schumacher a final time, the three-time Grand Prix winner replied: “I’d like to hug him and talk to him.

“I really hope with all my heart that he can resume a normal life.”

Racing is in the Schumacher family blood, and his son Mick is following in his father’s footsteps by becoming a household name in the sport.

Fisichella told broadcaster Rai two years ago he would want to tell Schumacher how Mick was doing, “that he is growing up, that he’s winning and that, probably, he will become a champion like him”.

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Schumacher’s accident saw him undergo two “surgical interventions” before he was placed into a six-month, medically induced, coma.

The accident came as he was skiing in an unsecured area of terrain, where fell and hit his head on a rock.

He spent 254 days in hospital before he returned to his family home in Geneva, Switzerland.

The German has remained there ever since.

Last month, Lewis Hamilton – the British-born racer from Stevenage – equalled Schumacher’s number of world championship wins, while he also overtook the record number of wins.

Speaking in the aftermath of breaking the records, Hamilton said: “I’m definitely a bit lost for words… it’s so important for kids out there to hopefully see this and to know… don’t listen to anybody who tells you you can’t achieve something.

“Dream the impossible, speak it into existence, and you’ve got to work for it, you’ve got to chase it and you’ve got to never give up.

“Never doubt yourself.”

source: express.co.uk