Square Enix Teases Announcements for Final Fantasy XVI, XIV, & More in 2021

CrimsonWing6918m ago

Looking forward to FF16 news. I know this isn’t probably the case, but re-watching the footage I was wondering if it’s possible this could be Square’s take on the Soulsborne genre mixed with a DMC kind of combat system?

The reason I thought that is every battle is kind of like one-on-one (unless these are boss battles). It may not be as difficult or even implement the get killed/lose everything mechanic, but what if somehow they made it play out in a similar structure to a Souks game without the punishment?

Eh, it’s probably just wishful thinking on my part. At first I wasn’t gung-ho about how different the game felt from Final Fantasy games, but the thought of them trying a Dark Souls take on it seems intriguing to me. I’d rather that than a DMC clone.

source: gamezpot.com