Who’s The Strongest Video Game Character?

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If all the video game characters ever created got together in a big rumble, who’d come out on top? Kratos, the one who took down the gods of Olympus? What about Asura who fought off a deity the size of a planet? What about the ancients who wore Majora’s Mask and caused so much havoc, it was sealed away? Would that make the Happy Mask Salesmen even more powerful? Can Mario, who crushes enemies with his weight and change into almost any form, fight off the planet killer, Sephiroth? Would any of these characters give Saitama, Mr. One-Punch Man, a challenge? Can I really write a forum article in which every sentence is a question?

In all seriousness, by strongest, I don’t just mean raw physical strength. It could be a special weapon a character wields, a unique ability no other character can match, or just damn good tactics.

So Kotaku, if all the characters in every video game got together for a big battle royale, who would win?

source: gamezpot.com