Buffy: How old was David Boreanaz as Angel in Buffy The Vampire Slayer?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer has been picked up by the streaming platform All 4 and fans have been reminiscing over their favourite slayer. The supernatural teen drama followed Buffy Summers (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) who was destined to send demons back to the underworld. In the series, she met Angel (David Boreanaz), who was a 241-year-old vampire with a human soul.

How old was David Boreanaz as Angel?

Angel joined the cast of Buffy in the first season and over time fans were able to find out more about his past.

He was sired at the age of 26 and was cursed with a human soul, which meant he forever showed remorse towards his innocent victims.

Angel fell in love with Buffy, who was 15 when she first started at Sunnydale High, and fans had mixed opinions about their relationship.

Actor Boreanaz joined the cast in 1997 and he left the series in 2003, when Angel and Buffy finally parted ways, realising they were not destined to be together.

In 1999 he also took on the main role in Buffy’s spin-off series, Angel, which saw the titular character head on a path to redemption as he set up his own demon-hunting business.

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The actor, now 51, would have been about 28-years-old when he joined the cast of Buffy.

His birthday is believed to be May 1969, and so the maths suggests he was in his late 20s when he was cast alongside actress Gellar.

His female co-star was only 19 or 20 when she joined the cast, and she is now 43-years-old.

Boreanaz, who is also a TV producer and director, is now a father-of-two and he is married to model and actress Jaime Bergman.

Besides his roles in Buffy and Angel, he is also known for starring in Bones and SEAL Team.

In an interview from 1998, Boreanaz described his character and his relationship with Buffy, saying: “At the beginning of the season she didn’t know he was a vampire.

“Then [she] found out so now that I am a vampire there’s that tension, that romantic heat that’s between the two of us.

“Should she kill? Should she not kill? She can’t kill because I have feelings for her and she knows I’m good but I probably will turn bad.”

Later in the interview, he revealed the creators were “at the eleventh hour” with the character and they had looked everywhere for an actor to play him. He said: “At the time I hadn’t even had a manager.”

His character became a series regular in the second season, and fans welcomed him as part of the team.

His spin-off series took place in LA, and it saw the title character “fighting the demons of people’s pasts”, as he described.

In order to make amends with his own tragic past, he would kill the demons of other people’s nightmares.

Angel was the crush of many teenagers at the time, and fans have rekindled their love for his character having rewatched the series many years later.

There is a whole archive of fanfiction dedicated to Angel’s character, and the series proved so popular, university courses on Buffy were created.

There had been talks of a Buffy reboot, but sadly none of the original cast is expected to return, as the series would be set far into the future.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer airs on All 4 and Prime Video

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