Persona 5 Royal Makes The Long Replay Worth It

instantstupor1h ago(Edited 59m ago)

I might have to look into how much it truly changed the game. After the game’s normal slow intro (which didn’t seem as bad to me as it does to others), I thought it was pretty good for a while. Thought the gameplay held up & the Kamoshida storyline was compelling.

But the quests got weirder and less compelling, and the combat & dungeons started to wear on me by then as well. I felt the story’s momentum was slowing down every quest after the Kamoshida quest, and it kinda hit a wall for me at the art student/master quest. About halfway through that quest I kinda petered out. I think part of it was that it felt jarring/out of place that the student trying to get Ann to pose nude was played as a slapsticky joke not long after the whole storyline regarding a teacher taking advantage of his students. I wasn’t offended, but I didn’t really find it funny, nor did I find it compelling.

Main reason I fizzled out was because I was finding the combat getting stale at that point – I think that was like 25-30 hours in? I do wish the additional content was made available like Final Fantasy Worlds did with its Maxima update. I’d be more inclined to give it another go. But a whole extra full priced game? Too much of a gamble for where I ended it.

Anyone else not get through P5, but play P5R and find it made a difference to their enjoyment?