The Handmaid's Tale: June star Elisabeth Moss opens up on 'challenging' fourth season

“I get tested three times a week and I’m getting tested today even though I’m at home and there’s masks and faces shields and a lot of washing your hands, as there should be.

“But at the same time, what I have been most impressed by is our cast and our crew, who have demonstrated such willingness and cooperation and everyone loves being back at work, everyone wants to be back at work, not only making the show but having that incredible experience that we all have together.”

In season three of The Handmaid’s Tale, viewers saw June travel to Washington DC where handmaids were forced to keep their mouths shut with the use of face masks and lip rings.

Touching on whether the pandemic could mean more handmaids are made to wear the masks, Elisabeth laughed: “I will not comment upon any storylines but there’s a lot of unmouthed work as well I will say.”