Convicted terrorist has Australian citizenship revoked, while Queensland opens border to Victoria – live news

It would be a significant victory for the country of Mathias Cormann could achieve the outcome, for us to have an influence in the OECD, especially in a period of recovery after the Covid-19 virus, over the next five to 10 years.

The world economy … will have an important impact on Australians, and for somebody who is as successful and is as credentialed as Mathias Cormann to be at the head of that organisation, to speak with the knowledge that he has obtained as having been Australia’s most successful finance minister, I think would be a great win for Australia and something we should be very proud of.

But there is always a cost associated with the visits and with lobbying that goes on to get the requisite votes to take that position, and I hope he is successful because that will be a great outcome for Australia.