Strictly's Ranvir Singh lost two dress sizes thanks to sexy Giovanni Pernice dances

The Good Morning Britain presenter has looked stunning on the show, including in last week’s Argentine Tango. And all those saucy dances have left Ranvir two stone slimmer.

Training with Giovanni Pierce on a daily basis for the show has helped the newswoman drop some extra weight.

The 43-year-old is taking part in the 18th series of the programme and has been a huge success, to her surprise as well as likely the price of many.

Ranvir claimed she was helping the show would help her slim down after gaining a stone in lockdown.

Enjoying success in this endeavour, she told Susanna and Piers she lost a stone even during the preparations for the show.

She said: “To tell you the truth, I weighed myself this morning, and I have lost half a stone!”

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It’s hardly surprising, though, as dancing burns a lot of calories.

In fact, experts told Radio Times the tango burns 120 calories every 30 minutes.

This means is Ranvir practise for two hours a day last week should have burned 1,680 calories – almost a day’s food.

There have been a number of weight loss transformations thanks to the show. This includes Denise Van Outen, who lose a dress size on the show. Former TOWIE star Mark Wright lost 1.5 stone on the programme.

She has told Woman And Home magazine: “It’s hard work being a working single parent.

“I struggle with an enormous amount of guilt with my son and not being there when he goes to school. We’re very attached to one another because it’s just me and him.”

Ranvir and partner Giovanni walked her dog in the idyllic piece of the country where she lives.

Ranvir has given fans a view of her house in a number of Instagram posts.

In one selfie in her kitchen, we can see Ranvir has a large black fridge, which is covered with children’s drawings.