Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory- A Swan Song to "Pre-Unreal Engine" Kingdom Hearts | My Xbox and Me

While it doesn’t add much to the grand story of Kingdom Hearts, Melody of Memory still feels like a fantastic addition that finds a way to make the future of the series feel ripe with possibilities. Nomura and the team have found a way to make a new take on the rhythm game genre feel fun without getting stale unless you want to keep replaying songs to get a higher score. Also, this is just an amazing way to say “thank you” to Kingdom Hearts long time composer, Yoko Shimamura, what with showing off their best work for all to enjoy in a fun and digestible form. Even so, this game is all about appreciation and celebration of the amazing work the different Square teams have done for the series, as well as looking forward to what the future will bring. And for that, it sings marvelously.