My Music Moments: Tayla Parx Shares the Soundtrack to Her Life

Tayla Parx is ready to take listeners on a journey.

The singer-songwriter known for penning her own hits (“I Want You” and “Fight” with Florida Georgia Line) as well as Grammy-nominated tracks for superstars like Ariana Grande and John Legend has just released her second studio album, Coping Mechanisms. And as she told E! News, the new LP is a deeply personal tour of her life as of late.

“One of the things that I definitely think my fans have to know about this album is that it really is an experience and a timeline of the past few months to year and a half of my life,” she explained. “We’re going through a lot of different genres, different time frames in music, and I’m really hopping into my musician bag this time around. I really wanted to show that side of myself.”

Unlike when she’s writing for other artists, the inspiration here is all her. “When it comes to the music that goes on my own records, it usually comes from my own life,” Tayla shared. “Whether it’s something that I saw in passing or something that I felt. But it always has to be something that’s real for me—and this album, Coping Mechanisms, is really showing you a really honest side of my emotions and attitudes about being in love.”