Rainbow Six Siege has indestructible laser walls now, and it's pretty cool

Rainbow Six Siege is wrapping up Year 5 with Thai defender Aruni, a fascinating new anchor who will undoubtedly be a favorite of mine. That is due, in no small part, to her badass, Big Boss-like prosthetic limbs that let her deploy defensive laser gates and remodel walls with a metal fist. She is radiating coolness from every direction.

It seems like Ubisoft had a lot of fun with her design, and I love any chance to naturally incorporate aspects of an operator’s identity with their functionality. This is no repeat of Oryx, whose wall-smashing ability is satisfying yet mostly useless in practice. Aruni’s Surya laser gates are complex, potentially meta-shifting defensive tools. They’re a step forward for  a game in the midst of dramatic paradigm shifts. Alongside a key rework to Jäger that converts his Active Defense System to a cooldown, gadget denial is getting completely upended in Neon Dawn.

source: gamezpot.com