During an interview with Andrew Neil on TimesRadio, journalist and biographer Michael Wolff claimed the current US President will lose the upcoming election “without question”. He added the only question remaining is how large the margin of defeat for Trump will be.

Mr Neil asked: “Are we living through the dying days of the Trump presidency?”

Mr Wolff replied: “Oh, yes. Without question. Without equivocation.

“Donald Trump is going away, disappeared.

“The only question is how big the landslide will be.

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“Everyone knows it is going to be a landslide, but is it a 45-state landslide?

“That is the tension, not whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump will win.

“Joe Biden will win, Donald Trump is history.

“How deep the grave he has dug for himself is the interesting question.”

Speaking to Express.co.uk about Joe Biden, Mr Horyn said: “He is prone to errors and I think that it is fortuitous that he is the Democratic nominee.

“I think it is fortuitous that coronavirus has allowed Biden to stay out of the spotlight and to not have unenforced errors.”

The US Presidential election takes place on November 3.

Mr Trump lashed out at Mr Biden on Monday, calling him “a pathetic candidate”.

The US President added his administration was “doing a great job” against the pandemic and saying again that the United States was “absolutely rounding the corner.”

source: express.co.uk


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