Saturday’s horoscope finds the Moon remaining in star sign Cancer. You can there expect to feel connected to other people during the day.

YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott also feels it is particularly important to take care of yourself.

Mr Scott thinks what you love and devote yourself to can really have a miraculous outcome this Saturday.

He said: “Those in a difficult situation, such as a bad marriage or job, solely for security or financial security, may find the Universe offers you an escape hatch.

“You may be able to transform your circumstances and make miraculous changes in your life.

“The day before saw people who can never stand up for themselves given a boost.

“And now, on Saturday, if you are in a really bad situation and you are stuck, the Universe is extending a helping hand.

“So if you are in a chronically unhappy situation, and the voice in your head says you cannot escape, that inner voice has no power over you on Saturday.

“And you are able to free yourself in a sense.

“Any chance where you are taking your power back, may be more difficult to begin with, as you have to right wrongs from the past.”



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