Chris Evans, 54, and his trusty co-star Vassos Alexander, 47, have worked together ever since the latter joined the BBC Radio 2 team as sports reporter back in 2011. Over the years they have become two peas in a pod and they’re not afraid to battle their differences out on-air in front of listeners, something Chris believes they “don’t understand”.

Before declaring his love for his best bud, the team were discussing marital issues and how to “grow” as a couple in a relationship.

“It’s well worth adding the initial awkwardness but then that will become comfortable,” Chris advised.

“Then you have to introduce this comfortable into everything then you keep growing.”

Vassos agreed: “It’s like getting out of your marital comfort zone so that you grow as a couple.”

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“Due to this dislodge – and it was turbulent, definitely turbulent,” he added.

“It’s been sorted and we’re better for it but I wish we didn’t have to go through what we did have to go through.”

And contrary to popular belief, he revealed he doesn’t think there are two sides to an argument between a couple.

“When you’re having a row you’re either both right or both wrong,” he said.



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