Susie Dent speaks out on Countdown co-star: 'Jimmy Carr was respectful but now he isn't'

Susie Dent, 55, has opened up about her experience working alongside Jimmy Carr, 48, on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. The lexicographer admitted the comedian has abandoned the idea of being “respectful” with his comments on the show.

However, Susie added although Jimmy tends to make jokes at her and co-host Rachel Riley’s expense, she now feels “weirdly comfortable” with his cheeky remarks.

When quizzed on whether working with Jimmy has taught her anything new, the star said: “I often find myself laughing at things I didn’t know the meaning of, even though it might be rude or funny.

“He was respectful to me and Rachel at the beginning, but now he clearly isn’t.

“I do feel weirdly comfortable with him joking with me now, like one of the team.”

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“The where, sorry?” Jimmy asked in response, prompting giggles from the studio audience.

Susie went on to reveal Rachel had informed her of the innuendo behind the word before she realised.

She continued: “I took myself to the Growlery, I had no idea about that other meaning of growler until Rachel of course, always Rachel, informed me.”

However, Susie unfortunately proceeded to make her blunder even worse, as she added: “And then followed this very surreal conversation where Rachel was just doubled over in the corner.”

Jimmy mischievously quipped: “She was doubled over was she?

“Rachel, probably best to explain it to them rather than show them.”

The presenters then burst into fits of giggles over Jimmy’s cheeky remark.

Rachel shared the video with her 663,000 Twitter followers and captioned it: “Susie, so young, so innocent,” alongside three crying with laughter emojis.