Google Chromecast owners will be jealous of a bigger and better dongle this evening

Whether the Hockey Puck-like gadget is capable of streaming 1080p HD, like the standard Chromecast, or 4K, like the pricier Chromecast Ultra, remains to be seen.

Unlike previous Chromecasts, Google looks set to use its Android TV operating system, which is already available on a wide-range of TVs from a number of popular manufacturers, to bring a menu, streaming services and games to new HDMI dongle. This will allow the Chromecast to compete directly with the likes of Roku, Amazon and Android TV set-top boxes, like the Nvidia Shield series.

As always, these are only rumours and unconfirmed leaks for now, so take it all with a pinch of salt. will be watching Google’s Launch Night In from the comfort of our (home) office and will bring you all of the latest announcements on October 30, 2020 from 7pm BST (3pm ET / 8pm CEST)