Owlbear Rodeo is a more lightweight virtual tabletop for your D&D needs

Right after they massacred my boy, Gorthok the Thunder Boar. (Image credit: owlbear.rodeo)

I’ve been running a Dungeons & Dragons campaign online for over three months now, mostly using Discord since a few of my players enjoy its dice-rolling bot Avrae. And though we often imagine action scenes using theater of the mind, a phrase I can’t say out loud without putting on a voice because it sounds way too overblown for “just describing where the gnolls are”, we do sometimes bust out a battlemap and slide tokens around on a grid.

While there are plenty of alternatives, and I’ve looked into Roll20 and the rest, I am above all lazy. I’d rather spend the limited time I have to prep each week crafting exciting scenes and workshopping the outrageous German accent I’m planning to give Mortzengersturm the Manticore. That’s why I’ve been using Owlbear Rodeo instead.

source: gamezpot.com