Lauren Conrad Reveals the Laguna Beach Stars She's Still Close With

The real O.C. still has some real friendships away from the cameras.

It’s been close to 14 years since MTV aired the final episode of Laguna Beach. And while much of the cast has moved on with their lives away from the small screen, fans still can’t help but wonder who is still friends with who long after graduating Laguna Beach High School.

In a new interview on Whitney Port‘s podcast, Lauren Conrad revealed the co-stars she is still cool with today.

“Most of the people close with that I filmed with are from Laguna,” she explained on the Sept. 29 episode of Dear Media’s With Whit podcast. “So Dieter [Schmitz] I talk to all the time. I don’t see anybody anymore but when we did, I see Stephen [Colletti]. During holidays and stuff, I’ll usually see Christina Schuller or Morgan [Smith].”

Lauren continued, “I live in my hometown. It’s more seeing people that I grew up with, who I also filmed a show with.”