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Joycon Joystick Replacement Repair Kit – Analog Stick Parts for Nintendo Switch Joy Con,Repair Tool Kit for Nintendo Switch Controller
Package Includes:
4 x Joycon Joy con Joystick Replacements
2 x Alloy Slide Lock Buckles
4 x Y Screws
2 x + Screws
6 x Silicone Thumb Grip Caps
1 x Magnetic Triwing Screwdriver
1 x Magnetic Cross Head Screwdriver
1 x Pry Tool
1 x Pry Stick
1 x Tweezer
1 x Dusting Brush
1 x Suction Cup(For screen)
1 x Storage Case
How To Replace A Joystick
1:Use your Y screwdriver to remove the four screws on the back of your Joy-Con,then use pry tool to remove the back cover.
2:Use a pry stick to remove battery,then unscrew the five screws on the battery tray.
3:Gently lift the clip and detach the ribbon cable directly below the metal joystick casing.Then Remove it.
4:Unscrew the old joystick and lift out,set the new one in its place.
5:Screw the new joy stick in,then gently reattach the ribbon cable for the joystick,then flip the clip back down.
6:Reinstall the joy con.

Joycon Joy con Replacement Kit for Nintendo Switch – Includes 4 pack joycon joystick replacements that perfectly replace the original defective/insensitive/drifting analog joystick,with all tools needed to repair by yourself.
All in one Repair Kit for Nintendo Switch – 25 pieces in one kit includes 4 joycon joystick replacements,2 alloy slide lock buckles,a tweezer,pry tool and pry stick,dusting brush,suction cup,6 silicone thumbstick caps,6 screws and 2 screwdrivers in one storage box.
Better Joystick Replacements No Drifting – the joystick replacements are made highly reponsive with non slip design at the bottom to avoid drifting again at some extent,cable are made to easy to install with.
Screwdriver Bit Repair Tool Kit for Nintendo Switch – There’s a magnetic triwing Y tip Screwdriver and a magnetic cross head with non slip handle for assemble and disassemble the console and joy con,and prevent the screws getting lost.
Warranty for switch joy con replacement repair kit – Anytime you’re not satisfied with the kit,click the store name Arisll and send us a message to let us know,we will offer quick return/refund in 24 hours.


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