Married At First Sight Australia is back on E4 and fans in the UK have been catching up on season five. The coupling-up series originally aired back in 2018 and it saw Troy and Carly form a relationship. Fans are keen to know what happened to Troy and Carly, and whether they are still together.

What happened to Troy and Carly in MAFSA?

Season five of Married At First Sight Australia is now coming to an end and the couples will be reviewing their time on the experimental series.

The show sees a panel of experts marry off two singletons before they have had a chance to meet in person.

The fifth season saw Troy Delmege, from Sydney, initially paired with Ashley Irvin, from Brisbane.

Troy, an IT accounts manager, and flight attendant Ashley went to Broome in Western Australia, but they broke up before the end of the experiment.

In the end, it was Carly Bowyer, a marketing manager from Melbourne, who caught Troy’s attention. She had originally been paired with Justin Fischer but they also broke up before the end of the experiment.

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Troy and Carly started to form a relationship during the couples reunion, which took place six weeks after the experiment.

In the reunion episode fans discovered Troy and Carly had been in a relationship for a few months.

Carly had said: “There was always something I liked about Troy during the experiment. As time went on and we were at the dinner parties, we always sort of did gravitate towards each other.”

The pair continued to date for a while after the series ended, but nine months after forming their relationship, they ended things.

Troy announced the breakup on Instagram in 2018 saying they had decided to go their separate ways and it hurt to walk away from each other.

Carly’s original husband Justin was not the perfect match for her, and she said ‘red flag’ had been raised.

She found love with Neighbours actor Goldsmith and she shared a photo of the pair hugging, announcing her pregnancy.

She said: “So somewhere along the way, I managed to find a boyfie, should I keep him?!”

Fans have taken to Instagram to wish the couple good luck, and they were gushing over Carly’s baby bump.

One fan said: “Cute bump, so pleased you found your match just watched the series in UK good luck you will be amazing mummy.”

Another fan said: “Ahhh this pic has made me happy! I’m just binge watching Married At First Sight. Only 12 episodes in so no idea who works out. But knowing that you have a happy ending is just beautiful, congratulations.”

Sadly it was not meant to be for Carly and Troy, but they both seem more than happy with their lives at the moment.

The couples are not involved in legally-binding marriages due to legal restrictions in Australia.

Instead, they meet at a commitment ceremony having never seen each other before.

Married At First Sight Australia airs on E4



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