“And that requires making tough decisions about saying goodbye.

“So the idea of reopening anything anytime soon is not necessarily going to happen because I think we need time and space.

“I think the audience needs to take a breath in order to really want to see these characters again, and more importantly, I need to take a breath, do some other things in order to hopefully get an idea that is special enough to bring everyone back together.

“Because the last thing anyone would want is for us to just do something in haste, have it not be good, and have that be the legacy of the show.”

Thankfully, the show did go out  on a high, winning in all seven of the major award catergories, including   Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Directing for Dan Levy and Andrew Cividino.

Eugene Levy won the Emmy Award for Lead Actor alongside Catherine O’Hara for Lead Actress.

Daniel Levy took home the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor alongside Annie Murphy for Best Supporting Actress.

Schitt’s Creek season 6 will drop on Netflix on Wednesday, October 7

source: express.co.uk


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