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♚Features♚ ✔1. The ps4 controller is mainly compatible with PS4 game console. Also compatible with PS3 console (♥Note: when this controller is connected to the PS3 console, the controller will not support six-axis motion sensing and vibration functions♥). ✔2. Adopting high-performance wireless connection technology, providing reliable signals within 8 meters without delay and without dropping the line, strong anti-interference, and will not be affected by other wireless devices. ✔3. The ps4 controller has built-in LED lights, and has a color LED light bar to indicate the player’s handle channel function. ✔4. This handle can be connected and upgraded on the computer side through the upgrade software. ✔5. When the handle is operated without any action, it will enter the dormant state in about 5 minutes, and the handle indicator will go out. 1. Connect to PS4 console A. After the P4 host is turned on and enters the interface, insert the data cable into the USB port of the host, connect the data cable to the handle, and then press the small house menu button on the handle, the handle LED light will flash quickly, when a single color LED on the handle is always on, it means connection succeeded. Then unplug the data cable. The handle and the host automatically connect back. 2. Connect to PS3 host A. Connect this controller to the P3 console through a USB data cable. B. When it is connected to the P3 console, the controller does not support the six-axis motion sensing function and vibration function. ♚Package♚: 1 x PS4 wireless controller 1 x USB charging cable 1 x user manual

【Compatible with PS4 / PS3 console】: The PS4 controller supports different game platforms of PS4, PS4 Silm, PS4 Pro, and PS3 consoles. The shape and sensitivity of PS4 games have been professionally designed. The pure black body and colorful LED channel indicators provide good visual effects. The matte body and feel comfortable. No matter what you play, you can provide a better gaming experience (note : This PS4 controller does not support FPS and TPS games.)
【High performance】: The ps4 controller has built-in 3D acceleration sensor and G gyroscope sensor, has six-axis dynamic sensing function, supports touch panel and panel button functions. The ps4 controller is also equipped with speakers and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, bringing players a more realistic gaming experience. ✔Note: Please use original PS4 headsets as much as possible, because ordinary headsets may not be compatible or work properly
【Wireless connection function】: The ps4 controller supports wireless connection function, the signal will not be interrupted within 8 meters, you can drive freely and automatically connect. When connected to the PS4 console, you can use up to four wireless ps4 controllers at the same time. You can enjoy multiplayer games with friends and family (Note: PS3 terminal does not support six-axis sensing and vibration functions, nor does it support PS3 terminal menus Key function.)
【Rechargeable】: The ps4 controller has a built-in 600mAh rechargeable lithium battery. You can charge the controller by plugging the included USB cable into the PS4 console. And the controller has charging display and low power consumption display functions. When the host is not connected, the orange indicator light gradually brightens/fades, indicating that charging is in progress, charging is complete, and the indicator light is off
【Quality Service Guarantee】: Package: 1x wireless ps4 controller, 1x charging cable, 1x manual, if the product you receive has any quality problems or if you are not satisfied with the ps4 controller during the game, please contact us by the Amazon in time , we will provide you with satisfactory service, 100% will provide you with replacement or refund service. Thank you for your purchase


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